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Magong City Office

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Magong City Office,Penghu County

Magong City Office,Penghu County

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Magong introduction

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.Magong Data
Total Area: 33.9918 km2
Administrative division:34 boroughs
Population Approx.: 53,000

.Future Development
Passenger/cargo ships currently sail between Magong Harbor with Kaohsiung harbor, Anping Harbor, and Putai Harbor. Magong Airport has flights to Taipei, Taichung, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, and the offshore islands of Wangan and Chimei. Magong thus enjoys excellent sea and land transportation ties.
Furthermore, Magong is also poised to become a cross-straits and even international transportation hub. The second phase of work on Magong Airport new terminal, including the waiting room and terminal building, was completed and opened for use in August 2004. This work is raising the Magong Airport terminal's service capacity from the original 2 million persons per year to 65 million person-times per year. 
We look forward to Magong City becoming a major vacation spot possessing historic sites, tourist attractions, recreational gaming, and international travel connections.