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Magong City Office

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Magong City Office,Penghu County

Magong City Office,Penghu County

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During the early Qing dynasty, Magong (馬公) was known as Magong(媽公). In the 12th month of the 13th year of the Guangxu emperor(1887) the erection of a city wall was begun. It is said that its name is derived from the Tienhou Temple, the oldest temple in all of Taiwan and Penghu. When the first settlers arrived here, they built a Matsu temple, the name of which developed from Niang Kung,via Niangniang Kung and Niangma Kung, to Magong(媽公). The resident’s also used the temple name as the name of the city. During the Japanese era, the name was finally changed to today’s Magong(馬公).