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Magong City Office

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Magong City Office,Penghu County

Magong City Office,Penghu County

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Unit Responsibilities

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Duties and Services
Unit In charge of ordinary civil self-administration, social education, citizens' education, customs and artifacts, civil defense, social activities, land administration, civil administration, mediation, public health, and public property creation, etc.
Unit In charge of finances, taxation, assets, public property payments, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry, and industrial/commercial extension, etc.
Unit In charge of water conservancy projects, urban planning, road & bridge engineering, publicly-owned building projects, other public projects, streetlights, plant and equipment, public enterprise management, and citizens' residences, etc.
Unit In charge of low-income family, community, and senior citizen welfare, disabled welfare, youth and children welfare, public cemetery administration, women's welfare, and National Health Insurance, etc.
Unit In charge of conscription training, requisition, logistics duties, management, and military associations, etc.
Unit In charge of annual budgets, accounting, and statistics.
Unit In charge of personnel management and personnel evaluation.
Unit In charge of ethics investigations, government ethics administration, and ethics breach prevention.
Unit In charge of document archives, public relations (press), general affairs, official seals, legal system, research and control, public services, national compensation, and other matters not assigned to other units.
Unit In charge of trash removal and disposal, road cleaning, ditch cleaning, nightsoil removal, sale of large waste disposal, and other waste disposal and oversight matters.
Unit In charge of child care, health care and social work, documentation, research and control, purchasing, property management, and administration.
Unit In charge of public safety and market maintenance, maintenance of public order in markets, market environment, sanitation maintenance, collection of market space fees, reporting and handling of space lessees who violate regulations, and other matters concerning market management and market space application.