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Magong City Office

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Magong City Office,Penghu County

Magong City Office,Penghu County

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Transportation Information

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Touring the Magong urban areas, you can start out from the hotel you stay at, with a leisurely walk. We suggest that you tour around the crossing of the Chungcheng Rd. the center of your explorations. The Wenao Tzuhsih Temple and the Wusheng Hall are a it more distant, and may be visited when you have rented a car to visit other scenic spots. 

There are many one-way roads in Magong City, so please pay attention to where you are going when driving. Roads are also quite small and narrow, so please mind where you park, since you are certain to receive a fine if you park in the wrong place. When renting a car, please first fill up with gas at a gas station in Magong City to avoid running out of gas once you have left the city
Uniair Co. http://uniair.com.tw (02)25185166


  Passenger Ship Co. Name Length of Journey Phone
Kaohsiung- Magong Taiwanline 4 hours 30minutes (07)561-3866
Putai -Magong  Tomorrow Star 70minutes (05)3476210
Magong –Wangan- Chimei Chimei Ferry Hengan #1 Ferry There are 2portions, each of 45 minutes (06)927-376#26


Service Organizations
Unit Address phone
Penghu National Scenic Areas Management Department 1-17, Tsaiyuna li, Magong City, Penghu County (06)921-6521#251
Nanhai Tourist Service Center Magong 3rd Fishing Harbour Dock (06)926-4738
Peihai Tourist Service Center Penghu County, Paisha Hsiang, Chikan Traffic Pleasure Boats Dock (06)993-3082
Chipei Amusement Park on the Ocean 187, Chipei Village, Paisha Hsiang, Penghu County (06)991-1311
Penghu County Anglers Association 294,Chunghwa Road, Magong City (06)926-4222
Penghu County Wild Birds Association 23,Alley 168, Wenkuang Road, Magong City, Penghu County (06)927-7563